What I’ve been reading

Since posting about posting I haven’t really felt much like posting.  While I figure out what that’s about, why not check out some things I’ve enjoyed reading?

  • Rough Boys on the Playground. “Finally, the other little girl with us stepped between Serena and the boy. She stopped him with her body and said in a loud, firm voice, “She asked you to stop. Please leave her alone.””
  • Because Boundaries Are A Bad Idea. “Don’t tell me that toddlers need boundaries. Boundaries are a bad metaphor, especially where young toddlers are concerned, because most things counted as boundaries would be better conceived as positive expectations.”
  • Ancestor Work. “I feel deeply connected with mothers everywhere. A million stand behind me, having birthed and raised their babies before I had my own.”
  • Mangala Gouri Puja, or how to practice as a feminist.   “Even with daycare and formula and more technology freeing up the physical labor needed to sustain life and a household, women remain the only ones who can bear children. Let me tell you, that is hard work! So all of that is to say that I fully understand that men have more freedom to explore their spiritual path than do most women.”

What have you read recently that made you stop and think?

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