Breastfeeding locavore

A few weeks ago Bridget happened to be nursing as we were arriving at the Free Farm Stand* which sets up right outside our community garden.  I don’t remember what the volunteer who greeted us said about her nursing, but I know I replied without giving it much thought, “That’s the most local food of all!”

Since then I’ve been giving it more thought.  Is breastfeeding a locavore choice?

La Vida Locavore seems to think it is.  Assuming that the person who is lactating is eating a locavore diet, breastfeeding is certainly consistent with making food choices that reduce the consumption of resources in pursuit of social, economic, and environmental sustainability, .

On the other hand, I didn’t make the choice to breastfeed because I try to eat locally.  I chose to breastfeed because I thought it was the healthiest way to feed and nurture my baby.

I’m curious what you think.  Is breastfeeding locavorism or is it silly to call it that?

*I took this week’s Free Farm Stand blog pix with my phone, so yes, that’s Bridget checking out the carrots.

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One Response to Breastfeeding locavore

  1. funny, I just had the same thought and googled it to see if anyone else did too. I wonder if it would help make breatfeeding more mainstream since the local food movement has become mainstream.

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