More about my growing baby

The other night my step-mother called to share that when she was putting my six-year-old brother to bed he asked, “When will Bridget start talking?”  They haven’t seen Bridget in a little while so she told him probably soon.  And he answered,” That will be good.  Then I can teach her to play Monopoly.”

I told her she could share with him that Bridget’s already saying several things.  But when I listed Bridget’s signed and spoken vocabulary the other day, I forgot several words, including one of my favorites: she says “tickle”!

In that same post I described one example of Bridget amazing me with her understanding, but she keeps doing that in different ways everyday.  The next example was when I set a big grocery bag of CSA vegetables on the kitchen floor and simply told her I was going to put the parsnips into one plastic storage bag and the beets into another.  She then proceeded to correctly sort the roots into the two bags.

I love the recent post at Bibliobaby which eloquently describes how it feels to watch your baby changing so rapidly.  (Watch out, there’s cute overload in the photos there!)

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