I have a toddler

It is so much fun to observe Bridget’s leaps and strides forward in physical and cognitive development.  At almost 14 months, she is totally a toddling, tool-using, dragging her toy piano over to use as a step stool for climbing the bookcase little person.

With baby sign she is able to say nursing, help, want/more, food, water, apple, hat, shoes, dog, diaper, bath, hurt, and sleep.  She also says mama and dada, hi and bye, and hat.  She waves, blows kisses, gives hugs, and raises her arms to be picked up.  And she makes a sign that we haven’t been able to interpret – we can’t figure out if she made it up or if someone taught it to her.

She’s very interested in pens and writing, hats and shoes, washing her hands, dancing to music, seeing her friends, and going out.  Yesterday I asked her if she wanted me to read her Pat the Beastie.  I wasn’t even sure if she knew the title but she got the correct book off her shelf and brought it to me.  This child understands so much!

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2 Responses to I have a toddler

  1. It must be thrilling. I know that Rowan, at a mere 9 months understands “come here” and “get your… (ball, bottle, sippy, etc.)”. But to have a child be able to comunicate and take the initiative! That is awesome.

    • The truth is that every stage of development has delighted and fascinated me. But the current stage is at least partly about how every day she shows me she understands something that I didn’t know she understood.

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