Cherry Hill Seminary Yule ornament

It’s early to start thinking about Yule, but I just ordered my 2010 Cherry Hill Seminary (CHS) Yule Ornament.  I’m happy to add to my very small collection of Yule ornaments and happier still to be supporting the Seminary.

CHS is the only institution of its kind, offering professional training for the Pagan ministry.  My belief in this mission is the reason I jumped at the chance to join the faculty this fall, teaching a course on American Spiritualities.  The Spring course listings haven’t been published yet, but I’ll be offering a course on History of Alternative Healing in America.

You can order your ornament here.  The page is a little confusing, but find “CHS Yule Ornament” at the lower right of the screen, and click “Add to Cart” to the left of it.  You’ll be supporting the professional development of Pagan leadership, getting a lovely ornament, and indirectly supporting my work.

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2 Responses to Cherry Hill Seminary Yule ornament

  1. Thanks, Sarah! Will we see you at the AAR this year?

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