Baby’s first political activism

Add one more to the list of public places I’ve breastfed: the Massachusetts State House.  I took Bridget there yesterday to try to help out with the midwifery bill.

It was pretty exciting.  I’ve walked past the State House many times but never actually been inside it.  And I’ve done a bunch of types of political activism – eg. phone banking, postcarding, carrying a sign – but never tried marching up to a lawmaker and asking her to pass a bill.

Introducing Bridget to the midwives who delivered her, for the first time since we left their care, was also pretty great.  She immediately lunged into one midwife’s arms.

It was also pretty boring.  Mostly we stood around the lobby.  At one point I almost had a chance to speak to Rep. Spiliotis who had just put a hold on the bill preventing it from making any further progress, but I realized too late who she was and how I might be able to help.  She only spoke with the midwives for a moment and then got called away.

If you live in her district, please call her today.  Rep. Joyce Spiliotis can be reached at 617-722-2430.  She needs to hear that her constituents want this bill to pass.

After a couple of hours Bridget just started crawling under the ropes that separated us from the entrance to the House floor.  Over and over again.  The phone pic I snapped of this is blurry, but too cute not to share.  I kept telling her I’d vote for her when she’s old enough to run for the office and get in that door the legit way.

Meanwhile I’m not sure that I (or she) accomplished much for  the bill by being there.  Our lobbying (by which I mean hanging around in the House lobby) convinced a bunch of midwives, a security guard, and some lobbyists for other causes that Bridget is super cute.  Maybe her adorableness helped keep up the midwives’ spirits some as they strategized.  The afternoon also initiated what I hope will be a regular practice of including Bridget in my political activism.

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6 Responses to Baby’s first political activism

  1. I love that photo! I have a post about World Breastfeeding week coming up on Monday, and I’ll be sure to link to this post. Awesome!

    Lily, aka Witch Mom

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  6. Hillary says:

    That’s so awesome!

    Last April I lobbied for the first time in Albany for the Midwifery Modernization Act. I can relate to all your feelings!

    I had baby #2 in MA with an amazing mw so we’re rooting you on!

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